Lessons From Mom

     This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day.  What have you learned from your mother?  Most of us have a massive list.  My Mom taught me that Jesus Christ is most important.  There were many things she wanted for me in life but most of all she wanted me to experience the hope and joy of knowing Christ.  She was a woman of prayer both in front of me and in the background of my life.  She demonstrated a vital relationship with Christ that became real for me as well.
     Mom wanted me to have a worldview based on truth.  From a young age she taught me the Holy Scriptures.  She had me regularly involved in church.  In a culture where lies are commonplace and spin is expected, she wanted me to have a lens of truth through which to view the world.  Her commitment to Scripture gave me a firm foundation to stand on in my thinking.  In our home we discussed the issues of the day and Mom would apply the Scripture in a practical way. 
     Mom taught me that I mattered.  To a business I am merely a customer, to the government another statistic, but to mom I was and am important. I can genuinely say she delights in me.  Of course, she sees my flaws, but Mom is one of the few people who loves me unconditionally.  She looks forward to when I and my family are able to visit.  She asks tons of questions because she is genuinely concerned about my life.  She is always encouraging to me.    
     Mom taught me a love of books and learning.  She read so many books to my sister and I when we were little.  We made trips to the library and she was always willing to buy books we wanted.   When asked a question she was comfortable with admitting what she did not know but helped us go and find a good answer.  Mom was the original “search engine.”  She is a perpetual student and has created that in both her children. 
      Mom taught me to celebrate regularly.  Life is hard, but she always looks for reasons to celebrate.  All of our family birthdays were a big deal.  All major holidays were a time to enjoy.  Moments of accomplishment were to be applauded.  She loves to cook and in those celebratory moments she likes to engage that skill as a way to show love to the people she cares about.    
     In recent years Mom has taught me a great deal about commitment in marriage.  The last few years of my dad’s life were very difficult.  He struggled physically and also wrestled with Alzheimer’s disease.  Mom was his primary caregiver.  When she was in a car accident I flew down and for a very short time took that role.  It was more difficult than I imagined and yet she carried that challenge for years with incredible graciousness. 
     The list of lessons learned could go on and on.  But I will stop and say to all the moms thank you for sowing into the next generation.  Thank you for nursing babies, changing diapers, reading books, teaching boundaries and pointing children to the kind of life where they will flourish and thrive.  I hope you all have a Happy Mother’s Day! 
Pastor Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church