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February 2nd, 2023
     According to author Arianna Huffington “one American falls asleep at the wheel every second” (The Sleep Revolution, 112).  This leads to about 6,400 deaths a year killed by drowsy drivers (The Sleep Revolution, 32).  This is just one symptom of the frenzied, messy lives most of us struggle with.  Often this frantic pace is driven by people pleasing.  Our default is to say yes when we really s...
The Power of Words
January 18th, 2023
      With words and a microphone a comedian can make us laugh. With words a teacher can open and stretch a mind.  With words a parent can give a child a strong belief that they are loved.  And yet:  with words a parent can convince a child that they are worthless.  With words a bully can crush a spirit.  We all have experienced the power of words.  King Solomon acknowledges the impact of words wh...
God With Us
December 21st, 2022
     Years ago I saw a commercial for a pair of glasses for the color blind.  The glasses allow them to see color for the first time.  It moves grown men to tears to see the world they have been missing.  One older man was so excited he started clapping like a small child.  Imagine life without color.  Something is missing.  Can you live without color?  Yes, but it’s incredibly sad to be in a blac...
The Point of Christmas
December 15th, 2022
     I love Christmas.  The music, the food, the times with family and of course the gifts.  Many feel the same, I recently read that as many as two million people visit the little town of Bethlehem every year (Joy To The World, Scott Hahn, 1).  There is so much to enjoy about the season, the generosity it spawns and even the busyness is captivating.  But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle ...
The Forgotten Side Of God
November 15th, 2022
      Many people view God’s wrath as portrayed in Scripture as something unseemly.  There is a tendency today to act as God’s editors rather than simply his messengers.  Just as it would be malpractice for a doctor to not tell a person that they have a deadly cancer, it is the Christian’s job to make sure those within their sphere of influence know that there is real danger when we ignore the wra...