Why I Trust The Bible

     We live in a culture of distrust.  What is true?  I chuckled the other day when I read in my Facebook feed a quote; “Not everything you read on the internet is true”--Abraham  Lincoln.  Where can we stand?  Just as a building needs a good foundation.  We need truth on which to build our world view.  My suggestion to you is the Bible.
     This ancient collection of books has stood the test of time and been found to be true.  In 2 Timothy 3:16 the apostle Paul says that Scripture is “God breathed.”  This expression means that God is the ultimate author of Scripture and it is trustworthy in all that it teaches.  That’s a huge a claim for an ancient book.  Here are a few reasons I find compelling, which have allowed me to find the Bible intellectually satisfying, and a foundation of truth to approach life. 
     The Bible was written by 40 authors over 1,100 years on three continents in several languages.  These authors were diverse in their occupations, from Kings to fishermen, and yet, there is a remarkable unity in the Bible, despite the fact that it touches on hundreds of subjects.  Author Erwin Lutzer gives a great metaphor.  Essentially, He says imagine a great Cathedral, where the pieces are sculpted by 40 different sculptors, in different countries, over several centuries, then they actually fit together to create an architectural marvel.  In a literary sense, that is an accurate picture of the Bible.  The Bible is not man’s written views about God but God’s views on Himself, life, salvation and eternity.   
   If you give archaeology time it eventually catches up with the Bible.  King David, who gets lots of ink in Scripture, did not have outside archaeological confirmation until the 1990s.  Spade after spade of careful archaeological work confirms the places, customs and people mentioned by the Bible.  This ancient book has been shown to be accurate every time. 
         It is hard to predict the future; we have all watched weathermen and political pundits get it wrong quite often.  But the Bible is filled with prophetic predictions that are eventually fulfilled in detail.  For example, throughout the Hebrew Scriptures a prophetic picture of Jesus Christ is painted (i.e. His birthplace, lineage, crucifixion, resurrection, etc.).  It’s astonishing and shows the divine authorship of the Bible. 
     Various books have changed my life, but nothing compares to the transformative power of the Bible.  As the Word of God brings with clarity, the gospel of Jesus Christ, it has revolutionized the lives of millions over the centuries.  Literally in a conversation a few days ago with a total stranger, she shared with me how the message of the Bible changed her from a life mired in addiction, even losing her child, to a new restored life where she is living free and her family has been restored.  That’s the message of the Bible.  You can be forgiven; you can be free!
     I hope that even in a cynical, skeptical era, you too will come to trust the Bible, the very words of God.  It can help you flourish as God intended.
Pastor Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church