Heal Our Land

2 Chronicles 7:14
if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
     The above is a popular Bible passage, written originally to ancient Israel, but Christians grab it as their own too.  It contains a powerful tool for national change, a challenging posture, and a profound promise.  Here we are on the brink of a hotly contested national election.  I certainly hope each Christian has been engaged in various ways.  In Fairbanks, we had the reminder not long ago when an Alaska State House race was decided by ONE vote - Our actions matter.  One of the most powerful actions we can take to make a difference is to pray fervently.  Prayer doesn’t look like much; it does not look effective, but it is.  It has been said that “Anything God can do, prayer can do.”  Christians believe in a Sovereign God.  This means we simultaneously hold two truths that feel like a paradox.  Our actions matter, and God is Sovereign. So, while our vote matters, ultimately only God’s vote matters.  We view Trump and Biden as wealthy, powerful men.  God views them as pieces on a cosmic chess board where, by His love and wisdom He ultimately wins.  We need to understand that those we think are calling the shots, aren’t.  Prayer has defeated armies, closed the mouths of lions, and changed the course of nations.  Please embrace this powerful tool.  Pray and work for change; but in the final analysis, prayer is the greatest work. 
      Next, the above Bible verse gives us a challenging posture.  God’s people, are to “humble ourselves” and “turn from our wicked ways.”  It’s easy to see the wickedness of our culture. It’s harder to see the wickedness within.  Each of us must regularly look into the mirror that is the Bible to see clearly the cracks in our own character.  Selfish attitudes, prideful thoughts and destructive words mark all of us. Self-righteousness is ugly.  To be Christian demands a willingness to admit that you are broken, your life is not perfect, and sin has enslaved you.  It is by God’s grace through the cross of Jesus Christ that we are saved.  It’s time to take a knee, not before any political or social movement, but before Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Humility is our posture, servants of God our rank.
     Finally, this passage gives us a thrilling promise.  God will “heal our land.”  I am watching His healing touch through His people.  Each week, through our church Food Pantry in partnership with the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, our church volunteers distribute food to large numbers of people who are under resourced.  Before CoVid shut down visitation, a team of church volunteers went to Northstar Center each week to share hope with the residents there.   I get to watch Christians foster hurting children and even adopt them into their families.  I see Christians walk alongside the addicted who have burned most of their relational bridges.  Healing is happening and will continue to occur as God’s people serve as God’s compassionate hands.  There will be a Day where the healing is not slow and incremental but sudden and instantaneous.   Jesus will return someday to set all things right; the healing will be complete.  There will be new heavens and a new earth.  Disease will disappear.  Racism will be removed. Woundedness will become wholeness.  Come Lord Jesus!

Pastor Derek Dickinson
Journey Christian Church